Friday, April 15, 2011

Pepper Goes To Prom

     Every girl dreams of the day that they will be asked to Prom. After all, when else do you get to pick out a beautiful gown (or in this case a suit and hat) and then spend a magical night with a handsome boy (or in this case a girl named Nola)? Not very often. But lucky for Pepper, she got all of this and more. While she was excited about the dashing suit, she was like overjoyed about the hat because it meant that she could like get away with not getting her hair done let alone need to wash it. She could just like throw on the hat to cover up grease, kinks, and even the dandruff and wah-lah--a fashionable and affordable hair solution. 
     Pepper was also happy because Prom this year was on a Friday, which provided the perfect excuse to listen to her new favorite song "Friday" while she got ready, was in the car with her date, and last but certainly not least, at the actual Prom. Coincidence? I think not. 
     Overall, the Prom was like so perfect and like so magical. Pepper was so excited that there was an excellent turnout this year for Prom. It was a memory she never wants to forget, so like hopefully Nola gets their pictures (Nola splurged and got Picture Package A-43, which comes with a poster size picture of the two of them as well 75 wallets), to Pepper soon so that she can like scrapbook the Prom as well as post some to this blog. Oh and the poster size picture will most likely replace the Bieber poster that is above her bed--so cute huh? As for the wallets, Nola plans to send them out with her 75 graduation announcements--also cute huh? Honestly, everything about the Prom was like so perfect.

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